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Boom - The Sound of Eviction  (96 minutes, DV, Color) Directed by Francine Cavanaugh, A. Mark Liiv, and Adams Wood
Produced by Francine Cavanaugh, A. Mark Liiv, Jeff Taylor and Adams Wood/ A Whispered Media Production


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"Witty, poignant . . . implications that apply to every big city in the country."

Full Review   - Kevin Thomas, L.A. Times




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Enthralled by dreams of instant wealth during the dot-com boom, the world largely ignored the disastrous housing crunch that plagued San Francisco - "Mecca of the New Economy."

Now the bubble has popped and most of the startups are gone, but the tidal wave of gentrification that came with the new industry has changed the city's landscape forever.
This new documentary takes stock of the dot-com boom and bust and asks the question - Who benefited?


By turns humorous and scathing, Boom delves into the ironies and contradictions of the "New Economy" and delivers a potent social critique that is ambitious in its scope while remaining close to the human scale. The viewer moves easily between dot-com party crashing at one end of the economic spectrum and painful moments with evicted families at the other. Boom features interviews with dot-com workers, real estate developers, and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, as well as those who challenged the new economic order through community organizing, electoral politics, and direct action.